Aluminium Louvres


Reflective aluminium is considered by many now old technology in lighting. The design team at REFLEKTORLUX does not share this view!

We still produce many thousands of aluminium products a year for new and retrofit use, and LED's will still need optical control in our opinion in the future. We have showcased some product in this section, however with LED's being...


There are many thousands of light fittings that could benefit from a simple upgrade of a louvre to improve output and aesthetics. Many have used inferior reflective product that after a time will dull and detract from the original installation.

We can take a sample product from a simple batten to a continuous system, and improve the lighting substantially to give increased output....


When using T5 lamps, a louvre is still one of the best ways to ensure your luminaire optics are at their most efficient.

Reflektorlux can also help with your refit and replacement requirements on building refurbishments.

We can replicate or redesign your louvres to complete and refresh your building.

We can also provide geartray upgrades and replacements.


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